Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sean Cavaluchy Takes 6th, Has Orgasm!

Enlarge this photo for the best "O" face picture you have ever seen...

Backboner Sean Cavaluchy raced in the pouring rain and cake-like mud at Alum Creek for the newest installment of the OMBC mountain bike racing series. Jeff was all the way up from Kentucky with his entire family, but missed his start time a-la Vegas Bob by 20 minutes, so he spent his entry fee on beer and pork rinds. Sean was snapped below crossing the road from the kiddie lap to the real lap at Phase 1.

Sean stopped by the shop after the race, completely spent either from his race, or the on-bike orgasm..I'm not sure which. His Carbide was so caked with mud, his front derailleur was completely immobilized by clay-like slop. Great job with the 6th place finish dude!


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Tookie said...

Way to go man, C-ya at lake hope next week .......start time is 1:00pm


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