Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fuzziest Race Report!

Hey Chris,

Finally got to race the Tomac Type-X at the Kenda Cup Final at Bonelli. Finished personal best 7th out of 13.

First of all the course was really good with some rough singletrack. The course was shortened to just over 4 miles long but suited for powerful riders. Steep short inclines with steep short declines. We had to do 5 laps and the late race start time was going to have a major affect on the riders.

First two laps were brutal for me. Super-fast start and being stuck in the back does not help. Moved up to mid-pack but fumbled behind a rider that had slipped his rear tire so we both went down on the steep climb. On the downhill went way too fast and blew off the course, didnt crash tho, but had to hike a bike back to the course. Blew myself up trying to catch up. 2nd lap was recovery.

Third, fourth, and the final fifth lap were much better. Slowly caught a couple of my category riders who were struggling in the heat. Many had dropped out already and it was super hot on the exposed areas.

Felt good to be competitive again. Got alot of work to do in the offseason but this boosted my confidence tremendously. Never been in the top 10 of a Cat 1 race, always been in the back.

The new bike is amazing. The carbon hardtail Tomac Type-X is responsive and quick on the accelerator. It was amazing to have a working front suspension and gears that shift whenever you need them to. XX shifting and the 2X10 gearing is perfect.

Thanks to the sponsors : Tomac- bad ass carbon racer, Spinergy Wheels - PBO technology is amazing , X-Pedo pedals, Sigma Rox 9.0, Amino Vital, Royal gloves and socks, and of course Kenda Tires.

Shout out to Roger for again feeding us each lap. Shortstack for chillin with us. Big Al for scaring the crap out of me when he was cheering. My brother, his wife,and my 5 month old nephew at his first mountain biking event. Mr. Sarquiz and his two daughters for the support.

Oh yea... Vegas Bob was late for his race start even though it was at 1:54 pm!



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