Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vanessa's New Clothes

*Vanessa Humic pictured at Interbike's Outdoor Demo, behind the Tomac/Backbone Team Booth. She won the Cal State Series this year, and landed third overall in the U.S. Cup!

Vanessa is not your average Cat 1 lady mountain bike racer. That's why love her. That's why Roger always has a puke bucket and some Tumms nearby. That's also why she WON THE CAL STATE SERIES, YO! Hard work and hard play can sometimes converge and create "The Perfect Storm." Vanessa's race season was just that this year, placing 1st in Cal State, 1st in U.S. Cup West, and 3rd for the U.S. Cup Series National Title! That's frikkin rad.

Wearing the Cal State Series Champ jersey (pictured below) is like wearing a giant target on your back..but that's cool. We are kinda used to that around here....Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors for the help getting this rag-tag group of should-be-prison inmates to stay out the stoney lonesome...even if only for a little while.


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