Monday, March 21, 2011

Tookie's Day Off

I'm sure this happens to you all the time. Sometimes at work when people find out that I ride a mountain bike, they tell me how they used to ride here and there when they were younger, and I always offer to take them out for an off road spin. I've only had a few taker in the past and most realize after a few miles our sport is a hell of a lot more demanding then they willing to put their body through.
So my friend Josh from work wanted to try mountain biking today, I set him up on my old hardtail, went through the basics of shifting, wheel tracking and warnings of how bad his legs, arms, back and ass was going to hurt.
I'm here to say Josh kicked ass!!!!!! Riding through mud, rock gardens and root walls fearlessly. Josh also got a short clinic on trail repair when he snapped his chain with about 8 miles, but he just kept spinning and hung in for the whole 15 miles with about 1800 vert. of climbing.
What I enjoyed the most today was sharing our sport with someone else who wasn't afraid to saddle up, put forth the effort, push through the pain and ride it out.
Welcome to the fold Josh!!!!


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