Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fuzzy's Sagebrush Safari Report.

The Fuzz has been kind of absent from normal team shenanigans for a couple of years now, and apparently all that clean livin' has made his liver a bit "vulnerable." One night of drinking before a race clearly managed to affect him, which is going to put him on "Heckle-Watch" for at least the next 4 weeks.

Hey Chris,

This is my race report.

I lost my balls somewhere in a San Diego bar around 2am so I DNF'd. Easiest way for me to put it. Felt horrible during the race. I had to work extra on the first lap because I missed my start even though I was at the start line. Popped on the first lap and that was it for me. First DNF for me.

Punished myself today on the bike for being an idiot on Saturday night. Gearing up for Bonelli now. Gotta shake it off and focus. Sorry to all who were at the race and sponsors. The Tomac Type-X worked great through the mud and the Kenda tires. No trouble with the X-Pedo pedals clicking in and out. Sigma Rox worked throughout the mudfest. Amino Vital, plain out love you guys (best hangover drink).

Searching for his nads,



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