Saturday, March 05, 2011


*Bonelli U.S. Cup pre-ride and photo shoot this weekend, contact Roger for details!

The season opener for the U.S. Cup went down last weekend in San Diego, CA. Called the Sagebrush Safari, it was set in the Big laguna Mountains at Lake Morena. Always a favorite, this year the venue would see a number of white and snowy inched fall the night before the race. Making the usual course unsafe, they modified to more of a short track set up. Backboners are good at short track. Vanessa was so good, in fact, that she took second in Cat 1 for her age, and landed on Cycling News' race coverage.

Vegas Bob may actually have WON his race, but he came in a lap too soon after leading it out most of the way. They gave him 5th as a consolation prize. Cheyne and Mark both landed a top ten finish, and had Ara not boozed up in the Gas Lamp district the night before the race, he wouldn't have DNF'd and blown chunks.

Yesterday was also cool, because I found out Vanessa is being used in a HUGE wall for XPEDO's booth at the Taipei Trade Show coming in two weeks. That's awesome, because that booth will likely end up at Interbike, as well. She's also in a large ad for XPEDO, to be used in mountain bike magazines all over the U.S.!

I was looking for magazine Lydia was in this week, and saw the new glossy Decline Magazine and picked it up. On or near the back page was a neat thing. It was a FULL PAGE AD for XPEDO, featuring Charles! WOW, that's two BIG Charles ads in Decline in 6 months! that kicks complete ass. Thanks to Ken at XPEDO for all the help.

Probably the BIGGESt news this week is the departure of KENDA's Jim Wannamaker. After years of teasing his leaving the post of North American Marketing Director, the self-procalimed "Hardest Working Man In The Bike Industry" has finally left for Vee Rubber. Jim has been all things to the U.S. grassroots and Pro cycling world, and nobody is really sure of how deep the impact of his leaving will affect us all. KENDA attends more events than anyone, and with the season JUST beginning, KENDA is going to need a big personality to fill an even bigger hole...a.s.a.p.

On the home front, my new radio show kicked off this week, with episode #1 airing yesterday morning at 8:13a.m. Mark Dantzer from MIX 107.9 is an avid cyclist, and roll: bikes of Columbus was kind enough to grant me the time to go set all this up and get going. Our first guest was City Of Columbus' Neighborhood Services Coordinator and spin class instructor Bruce Black, who oversees the City's Bike Safety Program. I am hoping the podcast will be available by Monday, and the station's website is here to the blog for the podcast when it's available.

On the home-front, Lydia was also in another magazine interview this week! Just out yesterday, Lyd had a great 3 page write up inside Tri Village Magazine. You can read the web-article here
The printed version is much nicer looking, but at least the article is in it's entirety on the website. Also, Lydia and I have to leave for Nashville Monday, for a great show at the Hotel Indigo!

Just to add a bit of sweetness on, I also got a call from ABC's Maria Durant, asking for Lyd's help at a huge city-wide fundraiser coming in the summer. Seriously? I couldn't be happier right now..especially since I'm typing this from a brand new HP laptop. :)

DON'T FORGET! Team pre-ride at Bonelli, and Ken from Xpedo wants you all to "LOOK SEXY!"


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