Sunday, March 06, 2011

Abel Vaca In Hit & Run "Accident" Saturday.

Our very own team member and all around swell guy Abel Vaca has some very sad news for us all today. Yesterday, while riding from Pacoima across the Valley to reach the Santa Monica Mountains, Abel was winged by a car's mirror on the road. Smashing into his elbow, the impact flung him across the shoulder. His bike (a 2010 Tomac Carbide) had initially survived, until ANOTHER car came barreling down the road and crushed the front Spinergy disc wheel. Abel was out getting in some training mileage for the next installment of the U.S. Cup series at Bonelli Park, where he was hoping to throw down his first race of the season. Please be sure to hit Vaca up and make sure he's ok this week..hopefully he'll be out to see everyone next weekend!


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Hope you're OK, Vacanator! Heal up quickly!


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