Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOMAC Interview With Backbone Adventure Cycling!

Team Spotlight: Backbone Racing
.by Tomac Bikes on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 9:14pm.When did you start Backbone?

I started Backbone Adventure Cycling back in 2004, but didn't officially launch it until the 2005 season when we had our new clothes, website etc ready to go.

How long has Tomac been a sponsor?

Tomac has actually been a sponsor TWICE in our history! They actually were our very first sponsor, back when Tomac was run by American Bicycle Group in '05. Our first bikes were half Litespeed bikes that had been "painted over" from the RLX POLO team, and the others were legit Doug Bradbury designed Tomac hardtails we got from Dave Weins after the RLX team disbanded. World Famous Vegas Bob still has Susan Demattei's very decorated old RLX team bike in his quiver...And we also have one of Dave's and one of Jimena Florits still as back up bikes! We were without them for a couple of years while it was "reorganized," then met Joel at ODD in Vegas about three years ago, and we have been with Tomac ever since.

What makes Backbone stand out at races?

There are a few things that make us stand out races, like the "Glendale Heavies." These are long-time friends and supporters of the team whose massive Armenian bulk would make Magnus ver Magnusson jealous. We are also no strangers to Vegas Bob racing in a chicken suit or Star Wars costume. There's typically a large amount of drinking that happens before, during and after events as well. Mark Thome is always surrounded by strippers, and Jeff "Tookie" Williams brings his friend from the hills of Kentucky who has a bad habit showing his scars-in-unhappy-places during 24 hour races. Ara will often shave his nose hairs on the starting line, and quite frankly I'm just certifiably insane.

How far would you go to have a 2012 Type X 29 in your garage right now?

Jeff Williams has already sold what was left of his crunchy, cajun-blackend soul for a new Type X 29. I'm holding for the red-coated fat-man to stuff that custom 'cross bike they made for Interbike a few years back into my chimney.

Just how famous is Vegas Bob?

World Famous Vegas Bob rules a crowded nation inside his mind, and is desired by every woman across the globe with limited options and eyesight. He has always been famous, even as a fetus...we don't ask why, we just bask in the glow of The Bob.

What’s on tap for Backbone in 2012?

For 2012 we have some amazing changes on tap! Ara Movsessian, who has been with us from the beginning, is stepping in to take over the west coast team's day-to-day operations. I am REALLY looking forward to this, because Ara is everything we love about cycliong..except for the unibrow. We also have our Pro DH racer Charles Libolt attending The College Of London, and will be throwing down some gravity races on his Primer and/or Vanish on a few choice dh races in Europe!

Thanks guys...Love our Tomacs!


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