Tuesday, October 30, 2012

San Diego Cross report a la Fuzz

Captain C,

We all have that one race where it just doesnt happen. This past Sundays race in San Diego was mine. Felt fatigued days before and even taking days off to rest didnt help to recover. Still decided to head down to SD for the SocalCross race at the Velodrome. Took the Amtrak Surfliner down from Union Station in LA. Mark Thome called and was able to make it to the race which lifted spirits and having somebody there makes it so much more fun. The course was a fun mix of dirt and grass with alot of tight turns and short power uphills. Riding around the Velodrome was something new for me, a little sketchy at first. This race was dedicated to our proud sponsor Sigma Sport, the computer, light, and heart rate monitor supplier.

Mark Thome went off first in the Class C race. Had a strong start and kept at it each lap. Sporting a sweet handlebar stache Thome finished 27th out of 44 riders. Trust me, that Class C is stacked with sandbaggers. Good job Thome! Mass in motion... physics lesson. Love that guy!

Personally, it all went wrong for me. Ate an egg sandwich an hour before the race just to get some food in me. Had a bad start position, wayyy in the back. Exiting the velodrome at the start of the race we all got bottlenecked and had to singlefile out of the chute. By that time was almost dead last and had to rally to pass racers. Caught a bunch but by that time legs had given out and something was brewing in my chest and throat. Sad to say, for the first time this season, racers started to pass me in the end. It was so bad that I got lapped and pulled from the race. Sneezing and coughing ensued after the race where I had 30 minutes to ride back down to the train station to catch my train back to LA. Barely made it with two minutes to spare. The next three hours on the train was a blur. Flashbacks of the night before, horrible race, and a nice 22oz Stone IPA in my lap... knocked out on the train. The conductor had to wake me up to get off at Union Station. The 9 miles to my house was a death march. Today I'm coughing up green stuff and wheezing in pain. But hey, after checking the results today.... 22nd out of 40... not good but was out there representing our sponsors and having fun with friends.

Big shoutout to Stephane Roche who came out for the first time to race cyclocross and crushed it. Been racing mountain bikes against Stephane since 2005. He also raced on a mountain bike but with full knobby tires. Ixchel also came out with Mark and raced a good race. Good job Ixchel!

Going to take the next couple of weekends off to recover and get over this chest cold. Full fatigue has set in. Need to go on an extreme Amino Vital binge. An IV of Amino Vital is in the works.



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