Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hydrapak TAMARACK Review

I had the chance to ride my bike in to work today..my mountain bike..which was equipped with a nice new 2 X 10 XTR drivetrain thanks to Stuart Hunter over at roll: bikes in Columbus, Ohio (and now Chicago!). I hadn't had a chance to ride it yet with the new kit, so my commute was knobby-love today.

My dilemma was this; How do I get a pair of comfortable shoes, my sunglasses, keys, wallet, cel phone, a spoon, a ceramic bowl, a banana, my Bermuda shorts, a granola bar AND a can of deeeeelicious Chef-Boyardee Italian sausage "overstuffed" ravioli on my back and up to my place of employment? Enter the "problem solver," a.k.a. the Hydrapak Tamarack.  with a retail cost of $109.99, this thing is worth Easily double the asking price.

Small in stature but cavernous in capacity, the wondrous Tamarack (mine in orange) delivered the goods today. The seemingly odd shaped zippers actually have a plan. That plan is to abjectly devour everything you cram in that bad Oscar. I was astounded that this mid-sized pack was able to efficiently and oh-so comfortably gobble up all that gear, all the while feeling like a cotton-ball strapped to my back. That is a direct result of the Hydrapak's industry leading design features, like the
Soft AirMesh Panel with Air Chairman Ventilation, dedicated fleece lined electronics pocket w/cord port, padded shoulder straps, and silky slider sternum strap..this baby was non-existent on my person.


My coworkers were stunned. Mouths agape as I peeled open the onion-like layers of my Hydrapak, it's heavily laden contents poured from it's seductively shaped zippered compartments. I think I just heard Barry White...wow. I have had about six different Hydrapaks in the past five years..and this one is my all-out fave. Be sure to visit www.hydrapak.com for this and other well-designed products, like Backbone team favorite GEL-BOT!


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