Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Fuzziest Update Ever.

***The Fuzz has been quite busy this year already, and thankfully he took a quick second to give us all an update on races, travel, and general the mention of FINALLY beating Vegas Bob in a race after 20 years:)  Thanks for the update Fuzz! ***


I know I missed the last 3 races of the Kenda USCup series but I had a
good excuse. Europe. I'm not getting younger so I took the opportunity
to travel abroad. Humbling to watch everybody biking in London and
Paris... made me miss my bikes...anyways... time to repent for my sins
of eating stinky cheese, cured meats, fermented nectars from the Gods,
and pastries galore. Lets Race!

What a difference a new bike makes when it comes to racing! We all know
I'm a mediocre Cat 1 racer but on a bike that actually works and flies
up/down trails, I might be a borderline average racer. Trek SuperFly
29! Throw on a pair of Kenda Slant Six's, Xpedo pedals and it flies.
Actually felt really good out there on Sunday racing the California
State Championships in Big Bear. Lack of riding did affect me but not
as much as I expected. Maybe the time off did some good. Surprisingly
there was singletrack on this course, especially the new cut section of
singletrack that traversed the ridge that connects to Pirates and
eventually the fun downhill to the finish.

Had a good start right off the bat and was holding my own on the
starting climb. From there on it was a battle between 4 racers for the
4th spot. Back and forth we would pass each other. Right on each others
wheels. Forgot how fun it was to be competitive! 3 of us finally caught
the 4th place guy on the last climb and started to bolt downhill. For a
bit I was in fourth and just hauling down and up the singletracks. Got
passed again and we all got caught in traffic from Cat 2 and 3's. Once
we passed it was no holds barred going down Fall-line, white-knuckling
it all the way down. Amino Vital Endurance already had kicked in so no
cramping on this ride! I had these guys for sure... felt confident and
was looking forward to making the moves to secure a top five finish for
my team and sponsors. Bam! Flat front tire about 400 yards from the
finish. Really? Seriously? Ran/rode the last part in to get 6th place.
Its all good.

Big Thank You to Shortstack for driving up with me, you have no idea
how much that helps mentally knowing someone is there incase something
happens. Jim Wanamaker told me a long time ago, "A-ra, have somebody
drive you because subconsciously you'll hold back during the race in
fear of hurting yourself and how you'll get back home." So, thanks

Shoutouts to Roger Hernandez from Kenda Tires for allowing us to set-up
camp at the Kenda Booth. Still disappointed you didnt eat my homemade
Raspberry cake or the Apple pastry. Too healthy for you? But thank you
for your hospitality.

And to Amino Vital. What more could I say about how great your product
works. From the taste to the way it works on the race course.
Seriously, I could not have made it to the finishline. Would have
cramped up and cried in fetal position on the side of the trail. Thank

The big races are done, now time for some fun races. Over The Hump
Castaic starts up on July 25th, REPRESENT!!!

Peace to the mind,


PS. For the record, I beat Vegas Bob for the first time!


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