Thursday, June 06, 2013

U.S. Cup Finals In Big Bear; Bob On The Box!

Who doesn't love Gingers on the podium? GO VB!
That's right. That's World Famous Vegas Bob up there on the podium at last weekend's U.S. Cup series final in Big Bear, California. After a very serious and season-ending injury that VB had to work out pretty much all of last year, it was a true testament to his desire and quality sponsor product to see him end his season with a 5th place overall for the season! With a high elevation, dusty and dry race course the Gingerous One held on to to be consistent enough this year to bring home a top 5. Stellar job, VB! Look for Vegas Bob Snyder to be doing some very real and serious TOP SECRET black-box product testing from one of our biggest sponsors. I'd tell you who and what for, but I'd have to shank ya'.


Mark Thome working hard to keep some traction. He would finish 6th on the season for the U.S. Cup!

   Our man-with-the-plan and frequent contributor to the blog, Mr. Mark Thome actually had a fantastic overall at the U.S. Cup this year. Racing a series is all about the overall. Placing well means that you were always in the fight, maybe not every single week, but you managed to keep throwing down at every race and eventually..POW. Sixth place! Absolutely very proud of Mark, and he has been showing up to just about every event in So Cal..from Over the Hump to the weekly So cal throwdown at the Fullerton Loop. Big-ups to Mark!

    As the west coast races begin to cool down into the really fun classics like Southridge, etc..the east coast is just getting started. The Mohican 100 was last weekend here in Columbus, and Jeff "Tookie" Williams will be warming up his legs for a 12 hour race in Lexington, Kentucky this Saturday. Sean Cavalluchy just stopped by to get his Tomac Carbide all ready for the OMBC series with Tookie. Great job to everyone thus far, and a HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors for letting me help these guys out with pro-level sponsorship. We couldn't do it without you guys!


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