Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ara's New Super-D Weapon, The XPEDO Equipped TRANSITION!

Jun 3 at 10:33 PM

The new race rig was built today over at Montrose Bike Shop. Transition
Bikes, small little company from Washington where the 15 man work force
goes on shredding sessions every lunch break.

Transition Bandit 650B.
Wish I had this bike over the weekend instead of my hard tail, my back
ribs still hurt from the first run. A big thank you to the coolest guy
Ken at Xpedo.
 Sent out a pair of Chromoly Baldwins for the new ride.
Clip in or clip out, Expedo has got you covered. Another big thank you
to Sigma for their Rox 10.0.  All I need now are Kenda Tires in 27.5...

Thanks again to Ken at Xpedo pedals.



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