Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ara Tops Podium In So Cal/UCI Cross Races

Below are a few of the Fuzziests' latest cyclocross race updates from all over California..with one being the UCI race in L.A. that saw him land in 4th place! Big thanks to Tsolag and Vegas Bob for their support!


SLOcross was not slow! Fast course with plenty of tight turns and power ups. The teeth chattering back section took a toll on my wounded left hand but hung on for dear life. Got 2nd place, good result, but lost first place by 2 seconds. Couple of the top 10 guys didn't show up so we took advantage of gaining major points in the overalls. Lost the guy on the backside and almost caught him at the end. Some of the those Central Coast racers are fast. Took the Sunday race off to recover and heal. Getting ready for some major racing coming this weekend at the Greek Theatre, UCI Sanctioned CXLA! Goal is to get top 15. Hopefully. 

This past weekends race was a good way to tune up for next weekends big races.Sponsor Spotlight : Amino Vital Pro Grape
It is nearly impossible to drink from your bottle during cross races
because you are just pinning it the whole time and there is no room to take a sip, so for me it is very important to recover well after the
race with Amino Vital Pro. Cooling down after the race and sipping on 3,600mg of BCAAs, Glutamine and Arginine. This past weekend after the race I rode back to the hotel which was 6 miles away and had a whole bottle of Amino Vital Pro to replenish my empty muscles. Felt good the next day during my recovery ride around San Luis Obispo."

FUZZY TAKES 4th AT L.A. CROSS TODAY! That is a UCI race, and he landed top five out of 36!! Way to bring the rage Fuzz!

Ara took another top five finish in last weekends' UCI cross race at Griffith Park! This pic was taken by the fine folks at Tenspeed Hero after the race.

The Fuzz rolled to the Turkey Trot CX race last weekend, and sadly wrecked out (as did many) in the rain-soaked sand pits. The pix from this obstacle looked pretty amazingly bad on Dorothy Wong's page, but that's racing folks! The wrecks were too much for Ara to overcome to have a repeat podium performance...but still managed to fight his way back in to a top ten! Ninth place is still amazing, and we are proud of our Fuzzbucket no matter what!


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