Thursday, August 07, 2014

Central Coast By Bike With The Fuzz!

Just got back from a multi-day solo bike tour of the central coast. The
mission was to get to the Point Conception Lighthouse and sadly it
failed. There is no public access to this beautiful and vital landmark,
Point Conception lighthouse in Santa Barbara County. The roads north
from Gaviota and the roads south from Lompoc Surf are all private land
and the ranchers there are very strict (releasing dogs and calling
authorities). After 200+ miles on my Kenda Kwick Tendril 700x32 and
camping out in hiker/biker sites I never saw the lighthouse. Couple of
days the sun was scorching inland on the HWY 1.

Sigma Sport Rox 8.1 had
a max temperature of 110.4 F. Fortunately I had my Amino Vital bottles
with Endurance in them to keep me hydrated as I chugged along with all
my camping gear and food on this journey that started in Carpinteria
and ended there days later. Thanks to my Xpedo Pedals, brought to you
by Ken, it was easy clipping and unclipping for micro-brewery breaks.
The guys at Figueroa Mountain Brewery in Buellton are great guys who
make great IPA's. Carrying that 22oz in my Axiom Randonee 60 pannier to
camp was so worth the extra weight. Big props to Cameron Cripps who
gave me a 7x5 plot of land at his campsite at Jalama Beach to call my
tent home. Great people out there helping the weak and tattered. He was
also nice enough to bike out with me the next morning on the tough
climb out of Jalama Road back to HWY 1.

Many tourists and locals ask
why and how we do it, my only response is "because we can and need to
for our soul". Also, its great advertisement for our team and sponsors
who make these trips possible by their support and reliable products.



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