Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Josh Qualls Earns ACE AWARD, and Makes The News With Jeff Williams!

Backboner Josh Qualls was brought in to the fold by Backbone lifer and all around amazing guy Jeff Williams...so it's no coincidence that Josh would also be a pretty amazing guy. The Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts (the well-executed club he rides with in Kentucky) chose Josh, along with a couple of other folks, as this years' "Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts Award" winner. Josh continues to be a great example of what it means to be on this team, and with a mentor like Jeff how could he not? Here is the nomination/award write up from A.C.E;

"Josh Qualls- this individual has restored my faith in our youth. Whether representing ACE and sponsors at races or assisting a newbie on a challenging ride, this ACE member truly exemplifies the ACE values of giving back to the sport. Most recently this individual initiated Sunday morning mountain bike rides at Greenbo State park which had upwards of 20 riders in attendance. Building on this success, this individual presented the mountain biking opportunities at the recent KBBC meeting at Greenbo. Capable of dropping every rider in the peleton, this rider can often be seen at the back assisting struggling newbies or even seasoned veterans just having a bad day. Our next recipient of the Spirit of ACE Award is Josh Qualls."

Jeff and Josh also were written up a few weeks ago in the local newspaper in Kentucky, where they were photographed during their "Slow Race."  See the page below!
Great job doing great things guys, it is an honor to have you on board!


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