Thursday, November 02, 2017

November Nonsense.

Wow, is it REALLY November already?

   It is my favorite time to ride, here in the central part of the country. It is cooler, and the mosquitos are fewer and farther between. The roads are all but empty, with few cyclists left to brave such elements.
I am one of those few. having saved half of my vacation days to supplement weekends, I am ready to get riding.

   Josh Qualls has partnered up with Brian Orloff (formerly of SIGMA SPORT USA) to R&D and help promote the amazing new BKOOL indoor trainer products. Visit for the product line. Josh will be competing tonight in their online race, complete with prizes. Mr. Qualls has had to take some time off this year, but Jeff Williams has been plying him with tasty trails and cold brews to get him back on track.

   Bob, Randy and Ara have been up to, well, everything really. Travel has taken up lots of their time, with cyclocross, Fontana XC, and various road trips to places like Mammoth for extraordinary rides and races. Cyrille Hanson will be joining this season on the race course, and with any luck, that will mean Bob will make it to events ON TIME! *kidding.

   With temps dropping in Montana, Mark and Matt Thome have been busy riding, hiking, racing cyclocross and raising Mini-Thome. Mark stopped by CBUS for a few days to hang out during the motorcycle show, and it was great to see him.

   Cheers to everyone, and the final draft for team shirts should be done by Friday. Thanks to everyone for all the pics, updates, and fun!


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