Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wrench Therapy

It's nine thirty p.m., and Desi and I just came back in the house. Heidi stopped by to get some new rubber installed for this weekend's X-Terra race, and get her bike tuned up. Yesterday, I was at work from 7a.m., until 1:30a.m. this morning with only a total of twenty minutes out for food intake. Then I returned to work by 8a.m. today. So why am I up late, and still smiling? Because I was spending some quality time working on yet another teammate's bike, before yet another race.
I don't know why I enjoy working on the bikes so much, but I do enjoy it immensely. It's fun to take a hardly-functioning bike and make it run like butta'.
It's even more fun to see someone (usually the owner of that bike) pay attention and actively participate in the process! Working on Abels' bike Sunday, and Heidi's bike today just reaffirmed my love for the sport, and all of the people involved here at Backbone. I can't wait to get back to that old routine of camping, racing, and shennanigans that so exemplifies this group. O.K., so I'm NOT looking forward to shaving mohawks into Ara, Jim, and my heads again...but seeing the heavies and Stakk perfom displays of Armenian "Kick-Fighting" are certainly worth a season of cold nights an camp food. Long live the lifestyle...see ya'll in San Diego


Saturday, March 25, 2006


Sunday's ride will be at the corner of Mulholland and Las Virgenes, adjacent to Malibu Creek State Park. Bring a little CASH for the Park Service Shuttle we will be atking to the trail head on Kanan Road. The BUS LEAVES AT EITHER 8am OR 9am, so call me tonight and let me know what you can do time-wise. I would like the 8am bus, which means we must meet at 7:30 sharp and get a move on to catch the shuttle. Bring water and a snack..and maybe a camera! See you all tomorrow!


Friday, March 24, 2006

Time To Go

Well peeps, it's upon us. After a nice hibernation (and several pic-a-nic baskets of food,) it's time to load up the ol' GMC and dust off the trusty KENDA canopy. With more races than money coming in the next few months, it's time to apologize to the wife and kids and remind them that you'll miss them. "See ya in October, Love Ya!" you will say as you load the bike in the pre-dawn hours, gulping coffee and eating something that will probably stain your lap in a funny place.
I hope that you all are as excited as I am about the season being here. I think I may be part gypsy, because I really love the travel and really enjoy watching you all evolve and grow in the sport that binds us all together. With 2006 barely warming up, news is already coming in about VERY big things brewing for us for 2007!
We have two new teammates, with another DH racer on the way to help Jeff back east. One off them, Heidi Volpe, is already racking up bling faster than a rap star after his first album went platinum....and his teeth went platinum.
Thanks to all of you for making his a really fun way for me to have a creative and consuming outlet. Best of luck to all of you who have given me a shot to make some kind of difference. See you all soon, and let's rock this season!

Christerphizzle Full-O-Schizzle

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Belated B-Day 4 Valerie

hey guys! I am soooo sorry to be posting this so late, but fellow teammate and new mom Valerie "Schmalerie" celebrated her birthday several days ago. When you see her, tell her she is a MILF, and tell her you wish you had her silky blonde hair. Then wait for her 6'2" tall, 200 pound husband Karl to tear you in half. Good times..good times...Happy Belated Birthday Val!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Sycamore Sundays....

Sunday's Sycamore was sweet, and not just because it beat being at work! We had a faster group than normal thanks to Jay, Conor, Charles, Jesse, Katie, Gig, Abel and Desi-Lou. The weather was brisk but sunny, and the trails and roads were seemingly more groomed than normal. After a short ride to Two Foxes Trail, we all rolled out through the meadows to Coyote Trail and out to Wood Canyon. Up Guadalasca Peak we went, Jay and Charles setting a brisk pace to the top. Once we all re-convened, Ventura harbor lay open and inviting to the north, while Old Boney Ridge beckoned to the south. We took off, heading for the descent down Backbone Trail. After a few minutes of sheer clif-sided bliss, we regrouped, and made haste for the "widow maker." It was a perfect day with the exception of an exceptionally sphincter-like equestrian who had to make an ass of himself after our entire group pulled off the trail to accomodate him and his glop-spewing trail clogger. thanks, and enjoy the pix!

Cap'n Chris

Heidi Mines For Gold

Backbone's newest female phenom, Heid Volpe, threw the smackdown at the Keyesville Classic this weekend! She was a double threat in the Sport DH, and Sport XC races. Placing first in Sport DH, and Second in XC, Heidi set the tone for Backbone's 2006 season. Great job Heidi, on what was probably a VERY cold and sloppy course. Sea Otter is coming up, hope to see you all there!

Cap'n Chris

Friday, March 17, 2006

Jay Takes BRONZE Overall In Semi-Pro DH!!

The soon-to-be-famous Jay Schippers mangled the field of Semi-Pro men last week in Fontana, proving that hard liqour and Cheetos actually should be on the food-guide-pyramid. Jay tore through Fontucky's infamously rocky course in a time that placed him in the top 5 for the day's race. That top 5 on the day landed Jay a hard to earn THIRD PLACE OVERALL for one of the most competiive DH series' in the State, if not the country. Congrats to Jay, and thanks for representing the Backbone peeps on the downhill side of things. See ya Sunday..

Cap'n Chris


Backbone will be seeing updates from two new athletes this year! One is a Kentucky endurance racer, and the other is a Los Angeles local female X-Terra and mtb racer. Mr. Jeff Williams hails from Argilyte Kentucky, and has been racing XC, 12hour, and 24 hour event all over the East Coast and inland states. He has compiled a heap of podium spots in various xc race series', and looks forward to a very ambitous race season.
Heidi Volpe of the Los Angeles area is off this weekend to race in the Keyesville Classic in both DH and XC! She frequents the Supergo Wed night ride groups, and is very accomplished in X-Terra races. Look for updates and pix from these new Backbone racers right here at Backbone Blog HQ!!


Monday, March 13, 2006


Today is KING JAMES' BIRTHDAY! All bow before the KING....oh, and give him really expensive crap for his birthday. Late gifts are ok, too. Happy birthday James, hope to take you out this week!!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Portland/Vancouver Bike Culture

WOW! I have been to the mountain top! Mine eyes have the seen the glory of this thing called bicycle commuting. And lo, though I ride through the shadow of the VALLEY of Death, I shall fear no Hummer. But in the greater Portland metro area, bikes are as prevalent as cars..and bike lanes are a PART OF THE CITYSCAPE, not an afterthought under intense drunkenness. I could never live in a place as forever wet as Washington/Oregon, but it is an eye opener as a cyclist to see all the integration of bike and car. Oh well, back to L.A. Hope I survive my ride tomorrow....


Monday, March 06, 2006

Fontucky Flier

Jay Schippers has sent some pix from Fontucky for our enjoyment! In one of these races, he blasted down the hill, crashing twice, and still placed on the podium in 4th! Jay has been working hard with his coach to squeeze that extra percentile from his fitnes and form to become a key player in the Semi-Pro DH ranks. Great work out there Jay, thanks for the pix!

Friday, March 03, 2006

King James' Trail Angels

Hey guys! "King" James Cross says hello, and sends pics from his time at the Tour of California. One shot is a wicked mountain pass, the other is of a wicked "pass" in the mountains! haha.. oh, and one is of his one off LENZ SPORT "behemoth" 29" bike, the likes of which you wil never see another for the rest of your life! All hail King James, and oh yeah, his girlfriend is waaaay better looking than the Specialized girl...ok, i have tried repeatedly to load the pics, and they are toolarge. Sorry guys, you'll have to do with a stock pic!