Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Jive Turkey Day!

We should all re-vamp the way Thanksgiving is handled. I know it's all "settlers in New England" and all that, but seriously...I am really sick of seeing kids dressed up as dirty, smelly colonists. How about we also stop eating a nice, oven baked bird? Let's eat some tasty, Cajun-spiced-Jamaican-Jerked-deep-fried in peanut-oil turkey. Collard's, fried okra, and maybe a giant boiling pot of jambalaya or something for a side dish..or crayfish! We could dress up in big fake afro's, wear PIMP suits, and put those funny fake-teeth in. That would be much more entertaining than watching those really bad kid's plays about Plymouth Rock (the colonists didn't actually have the first Thanksgiving there, anyway)...they went to White Castle for some chicken-ring sandwiches!
Work with me on this my funky friends, and we'll recreate this American classic for a new, slightly degenerate younger generation...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Gobble-Motha'-F*****N'-Gobble, yo...


At 1:05 PM, Blogger JIMBO said...

You mean you guys dont already do that... frickin' krackers!!


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