Tuesday, December 11, 2007

650c Mountain Wheels?

For the love of Christ, Bike Industry people....please stop the frikkin madness. Now we have to deal with mountain bikes being made with 650c wheels, too? 29ers, 26ers, and 69ers? WTF, mate? 650c? I like to actually carry stuff on rides that can possibly help other people who are less prepared get home....but I am NOT carrying 14 different inner tubes in my jersey pockets. STOP. PLEASE. Aren't there enough SKU's floating around mail order shop fliers? Are there enough 29er choices in tires, forks, wheels and frames to justify 650c? Are we THAT tired of riding what we have already? And another thing...keep the F*****G CARBON off TRAILBIKES, ok?

It's like taking a group of men who have sworn off women and sex, and surrounding them with choir boys. It's just not a smart idea. I know it moves product, but crack is popular too, and that's about as bad for your health as a carbon trail bike.
Just knock it off already will ya? Maybe spend more time promoting the sport and showing up at events within your own industry, and just drop the whole 650c thing...and the carbon "Stays" on the 5" and 6" trail bikes. Stop. Now. Please....



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