Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brant Does Secret Cross Race, Roger and Randy Assist

****Roger giving you a "Freebird."

I received a call from my HOME SLICE Randy yesterday, and he had informed me that Mr. Brant "The Hitman" Hatton had done a 'cross race over the weekend in San Clemente, California. He was BOMBING the downhills, but the roadies would get him back on the longer climbs. He did well and apparently finished in 5th or 6th..although since he NEVER E-MAILS or CALLS me to tell me what's going on, I am not really sure.

***Randy and Vanessa at Interbike's ODD

Randy said that he, Vanessa, and Roger went down to watch him race. ALSO, little V has BIG plans for this coming season, and will be meeting with Coach Garreth this week for her first VO2 max / lactate test. NO, that does NOT mean they will be measuring the quality of milk from her boobs, you complete jack-holes. Good luck Vanessa, I'm sure you will do great.

**Brant winning something again. Wow, That's different!


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