Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bowling Green Fire Dept. Fans!

Tom (TNW...stands for "Tom, Not Wehe") Sanderson stopped by the Coffee House and picked up a bar I had for sale several weeks ago. He said he enjoyed commuting in the winter, and so I explained to him the virtues of the KENDA KLONDIKE line of studded tires. He has since run them, and has fallen in love with them! He and the guys are avid readers of the team blog. Tom is the Capt. at the firehouse, and says that even though his guys are nowhere near as fast as he is..they are still decent guys. He shipped me this bad-ass Bowling Green Fire t-shirt! I wear it to bed so Lyd mistakes me for a firefighter and lets me do really disgusting things to her.
Y'know, like sleep in the same room! Anyhow, props to the Bowling Green Fire Department! Thanks for reading the bloggage and hope ya don't have to go out in the snow and pull a cat out of a tree...


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