Monday, December 24, 2007

Heid Says Goodbye...For Now..

Hi Hi,
So at long last, the dreaded note.
What else can I say but thanks Chris, Backbone was my first team
experience and I had so much fun, you are great and I can't wait till
git yer arse back here. HUGE BEAR hugs to you and Lyd.

Hey Backbone Racers and Friends,

Staying true to my ol’ cougar moniker I am roaming away from the pack
year. It’s not because I am getting more goodies, any money or
support, it
has more to do with my professional commitments to Niner. I have been
doing all their printed ad materials for MBA, Dirt Rag and their annual
catalog since day one and I was the first to buy a prototyped
Six which went on to become their new Jet 9 frame. With that said
I’ll be
racing for them this year
(however they have been taken on by Sho-Air!) doh!!!

The past two years with Backbone has forged some great, supportive
friendships, exemplified team spirit and a shared passion for riding.
Chris has a gift for spreading his fun loving attitude for cycling and
being a fantastic manager without any unreasonable pressures. His goals
are simple and clear: To have fun (drink beer), be safe (and drink
and ride (and drink beer). This infectious giddiness makes Backbone one
the strongest teams who looks like they are having the best time! That
said, I also recognize all the hard work and effort Chris puts into
getting team support from manufacturers, that hard work is evident from
the ongoing emails sent out regarding pro-deals, pedals, frames, tires
name it. So hats off to you Chris and everyone involved and thank you
welcoming me into the team from day one.
I am so impressed with everyone’s commitment to training, travel and
ongoing online support. It’s a great community of athletic

I still plan on doing some fun riding with you in 08 if you’ll have
and hope our friendships last longer then my short-lived team racing

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a terrific 2008 see you on the

All my very best,

****** I'll write my own letter on Wednesday guys, it's Christmas eve and I have a TON to do..sorry!*******


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Cap'n said...

Truth be told, Heidi is preggers with Randy's cross-eyed hippie love child....

At 8:37 AM, Blogger rushman said...

Dude you almost got this one by, but you have made things hard for me at the next race that my wife and Darter are at because I will be getting my ass kicked from every which way now thanks alot for letting that cat out of the bag!!!!!!!!!!!


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