Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas 'Cross Race!

yo capn,

going to keep this short, i just did an awesome write up and hit some f'n button and erased it!!! so i'm going to do a short write up before the anger inside takes over and destroys this f'n computer and toss this f'n keyboa... whewww almost lost it again...

so ryan asked for some help in the cross area from the backbone's... he got it... brant, vegas bob, andvanessa came out to throw down in the vallley with ryan and his super pop bert....

bert got 1st of course (single speed nut), no explanation needed....brant was leading way out the first two laps and got scared because the roadies were gathering in the pits to take out this mtn biker, i told him that roadies bruise like bananas and we could take them but without randy there for back up we decided for brant to chill with a 4th place finish, vegas bob was hammering like the drummer from lagwagon on his mtn bike, runnin with some skinny kenda's until a freaking bird bone lodged in his rear tire forcing a tire change that took him out of the lead pack... congrats on your 1st cyclo cross race bob, now his cross/cherry is gone...:) vanessa was hitting the tylenol cold medicine in the feedzone and managed a 5th spot.... and ryan got..... wtf.... ryan didnt race..... all the way to the valley and the little runt had a cold... he still managed to cheer all his teammates on and even threw a freaking stick at the guy who passed brant.. bad ryan bad ryan dont throw sticks!!! rocks only... sand baggin roadies, dont get me started.....

Happy Baby Jesus Birthday


ps the pixs are from verdugo and woodland hills combined


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