Friday, February 15, 2008

Sierra Club Gets It Right?

***"I KNOW my self-esteem is in here SOMEWHERE!"***

The Sierra Club may be onto something here! Since most parents are too busy paying the bills, they tend to neglect the kids and let them eat CRAP, and sit for countless hours and play video games. That results in fatter populations, with higher heart disease and higher morbid obesity rates. THAT in turn devastates tax bases, and health care costs...and greatly weakens the country as a whole. The Sierra Club has a GREAT answer to this.

***My Thyroid Problem tastes just like cotton candy!***

***The DRESS BARN Bikini Team***

***A great new Public Service Announcement for the meaty ones***

***Someone poured me in here and forgot to holler "stop!"***

They want to place a 1% tax on television and video game sales to offset the mounting costs of fat kids! BRAVO....I love this idea. Now, instead of telling people it's an overactive thyroid, they can stay late and work some overtime to offset that fatty tax on their X-Box. Maybe we could also tax ice cream and "Totino's Pizza Rolls." Well done Sierra Club, keep the good ideas coming!

**This what you look like when you excercise and don't eat.*****

***Vanessa Humic, another great example of what the human form SHOULD look like!***


At 10:13 AM, Blogger ECJeffW said...

sick bastard!!!!!!!

do you have the phone # for the red head on the right.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok enough of this picture. I may look skinny, but also a retard. Ok that may not be politically correct.

Did you know the U.S. on average consume 3500 calories per person. Thats 1000 more than we need. We should move anyone overweight by 100 lbs to Sudan for 2 months. Either they will become skinny because there is no food or the people there will eat them and be of normal weight. Problem solved.

Ok now I go to Hell


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