Monday, March 03, 2008

Amino Vital Meeting With Tookie

***Tookie was wise enough to call the wife and let her kow what he was I have to throw him under the bus just to make up for it.****

**You would drink reconstituted catfish whiskers if she was serving it to you.***

**New product from Amino Vital for recovery, with 7500mg's of amino acids!**

**Tookie passed out right after I took this picture..something about "blood relocation."

Saturday night Jeff "TOOKIE" Williams showed up, and after a brief introduction..we got down to brass tacks. By "brass tacks" I mean several pints of beer with Lyd at the Old Bag Of Nails bar. Sunday the plan was to attend the Arnold Classic and talk to the peeps at Amino Vital while they were in town. Lyd dropped us off and we rolled into the massive hall of HGH and women with girthy arms...and even more girthy penii. I saw a "lady" that looked more like Dee Snyder than anything female.


**Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister in drag? Believe it brada!!!**

Thankfully, POB hired some uber-hottie show girls to hand out product. No penii, no Adam's apple, and hair free upper lips. Their booth was hopping, and well sitiuated for the events going on. They have a new product that has 10 billion mg's of amino acids (actually amount may not be 10 billion mg's) for faster recovery after long what Tookie does!

***POB still hung over from the Fish Market meeting***

**Backbone's new team issue DH Team skin suit, as modeled by Chuck-T's new wife**

***The support crew at Amino Vital..good things ahead I would say for you all! These guys sound ready to help, and want a few select peeps for product testing!**

We only were there for a couple of hours, and decided it was best to split and go enjoy the first "spring" day we have had in months. Riding in the slop and ice was fun, even though it was along the Olentangy River Trail. Of course, Alum Creek Trails were closed. Apparently mountain bikers don't like mud or something. They may have us mistaken for baseball players, but whatever. We did a nice 32 miler, and I enjoyed every muddy, sloppy open trailed inch of the way. Jeff is in great shape, so he
ended up waiting for me a lot. I think at some point he actually rode back home to KENTUCKY, had lunch, then rode back to C-Bus to get me and drag me home. I think John Candy may be in better shape, and he's dead. It was a very productive couple of hours at the show, and great to see Tookie and give him his team alottment of product. I will have trouble trying to have pleasant dreams, though, after seeing women who had ingested so many steroids they were growing a third nut. Not attractive. Sorry, it's just not. Not. Attractive. I'm serious. Oh, and shave that thing on your lip, you look like Lando Calrissian.
Here is a shot of what I am talking about. from a distance, you can tell by the angular jaw an acne that "she" juices...but get closer and you see a shot of what looks like Nick Nolte's arrest photo in Hollywood. Lyd may not be able to bench press 375 pounds, but at least I don't need to flip her over and check to determine her sexual orientation. Anyway...randy raced the Temecula race this weekend, and the Cali folks pre-rode Bonelli today. Jim and Jay probably got drunk, which is considered "carb-loading" here at my place. Hope you all had as interesting a weekend as we did....without the 'roid rage.

**Sloppy singletrack along the Olentangy River yesterday****

**Endurance racer Jeff "Tookie" Williams modeling the new team clothing**


At 12:22 PM, Blogger rushman said...

Tooki, You the man on the east side dude just look at the chicks your pullin at the show. good representing dude.


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