Tuesday, April 08, 2008

LeMond and Trek Part Ways

The LeMond Tete de Course road racing machine.

LeMond cycles and Trek have split ways, effective immediately. After four years of litigation, bad feelings and comments that may or may not be true...Greg and Madison are splitting company. The LeMond bikes are sweet, and typically sought after by discerning customers. Many of the "new" design features of the current Madone Performance Fit platform eerily resemble the LeMond. Sadly, few give Greg the credit he deserves. The first American to win the Tour (3 times), and the first guy to ever place a road bike in a windtunnel and do aerodynamic studies on a bike. Unfortunately for him, the 2004 lawsuit against TREK and the recent call-out of TREK's wunderkind Lance have all but sealed this purebred racing company's fate. Hopefully he can rebound like the TOMAC brand, after the 2005 American Bicycle Group shennanigans with John's namesake. Look for more on this as the two parties agree to disagree...


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