Monday, May 12, 2008

Randy's Vail Lake Race Report

Hey Captn.

How are things in beautiful Ohio? Things are cool here in S.D. and I wanted to send you a race report from the weekend, as I went out to Robert Herbers' Racers and Chasers at Vail lake this weekend.

It was a great weekend to race out there! The weather was in the 70's and sunny, unlike the other Racers I've done there when it's been in the 40's. Anyway Robert had a six mile course laid out that was very fun, veeeeeery challenging and had the best turn out that I've seen so far. Robert has changed the start area to a grassy area next to two big pools so in the summer you can all hang out and bbq and go swimming after the races! It's a really cool deal.

So on to the race. As I said before, he starts everyone together on a mass start and gives a hole shot prize out to all classes, which makes it a little more interesting. This weeks' course had a pretty steep single track just after the start which can be done except if one person blows it, we all walk. That's what happened on both laps for me but oh well. So on the first loop we got to the end of the fire road where it goes to the single track, and the first guy didn't get the course marker right. We all followed like a bunch of cattle walking our bikes through a sand wash under trees... it was a mess. After we got back on course I was having a little battle with this five foot nothing girl that had bigger thighs than a lot of guys, and was absolutely kicking my ass on the flats. I would always catch her on the descents so It was really fun racing with someone. Well, enough babbling. I ended up getting third and on the podium (I will try and get podium pic from Robert and send to you) it was a lot of fun and any and all Backboners and everyone else needs to go out do one of these races because Robert has really put his heart into this thing.

Robert was also telling me that Eric Carter has built a downhill course that is opening on the 3rd of July and will also be a four cross course and pump tack being built so we could have a new mtn. bike park very soon.

That's it Captn.



***THANKS for the great race report, Randy! It was nice here in OHIO the past week, but yesterday and today sucked ass. It was cold and rainy, but tomorrow will be great I hear! I will be riding to work every day, since this week is BIKE TO WORK WEEK! I'll post a pic from the 'hood last week when it was nice...


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