Friday, May 09, 2008

Randy's Idyllwild Race Report.

Sir Captn. inch worm,

I know its Thursday and the race was last Sunday, but I just found results this morning. Anyway this past weekend's race was at Idyllwild. The Spring Challenge (which as you know was my favorite race) wait... my favorite walk/hike from last year.

So myself,Vanessa,VB,and Bert showed up Saturday morning to great weather and a lot of riders. Now I had to really prepare myself for this one all week ( I drank A LOT of beer) because I new what to expect. I had a really good time. They took one of the hike a bike sections out, but we still had to hike through all the rock sections on the top side of the course, but it wasn't bad.

The races started about fifteen minutes late but it was all ok. I started running third for about the first seven miles, then the lack of seat time started to creek in on me on one long road climb. I dropped back a few spots but was still feeling ok. I'm telling you that is the most technical and toughest course that I will ride this year. All in all the race was fun and I ran 2hrs.13 minutes and ended up with 9th place, so not too bad.

I really don't know how things went for VB and Bert but, they both came in crying "OH MY GOD MY LEGS ARE DONE." Both came in talking about a fire road climb that was just brutal. Now Vanessa was a different story she came in and told Roger she couldn't get off her bike any time soon because she had cramped so bad. All I kept thinking was it was going to look funny, her sitting on that bike on the back of Rogers' truck all the way home!

So after looking at the results it looks like Bert finished 18th, VB 3rd, and Vanessa 2nd. I think we all had a good time.




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