Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MSC and Santa Barbara Bike Fest Next Weekend!

This coming weekend is going to be BUSY, Yo! The 'Boners are gonna be on the road all weekend, taking their TOMAC DH and XC bikes to dominate the dirt...except for Jimbo, who is apparently ass-out on his PRIMER (no more mediums left for the season?). Sorry Jimbo, if there is nything else I can do, please let me know. Dirty freak, I am NOT doing that! O.K., maybe THAT I'll do.
Anyway, Jimbo and Jay, Corty and Anita will be at the Sol Survivor race in CO, another stop on the Mountain States Cup Series. Hopefully Rhoda and Bri will go, too, but they are busy taking care of their new HOME (pix later)! The rest of the Cali crew will be driving up the gridlocked and narrow, but scenic as hell 101 freeway to the Santa Barbara Bike Fest. This course is another race that typically favors the roadies (why is this becoming a trend?) with smooth and fast singletrack and fireroad. I would certainly recommend KENDA SHORT TRACKER's and SMALL BLOCK EIGHT's, or even KLIMAX LITE's if you got 'em! The CARBIDE's will rock that race, and I think last weekend's Cal State Silver Medalist in semi-Pro Dh, Chuck "Tabasco" Libolt will be there with his new PRIMER to represent.
Enjoy the pix from MSC and Santa Barbara races from the past couple of years, and look for race reports and photos to come soon! Peace out bitches..


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