Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Cancer Benefit Ride!

I first must say thanks to the team sponsors, who ponied up a TON of stuff ($1,200 bucks worth) for a great silent auction/canver benefit ride that went down Saturday in New Albany. I also need to thank Jeff Williams for driving up from Argyllite, Kentucky at 10pm (he arrived here at 1a.m. Saturday)after a long shift at work. I also need to say thanks to Sean "Nutcracker" Cavaluchy for coming all the way across Ohio to attend and represent his team and her sponsors at the event. The guys were great, helping people out with their bikes before the ride and explaining the benefits of the stuff we donated. Great showing for the sponsors, and the packages we donated brought in the highest cash donations of the event!
I woke Jeff up just about four hours into what amounted to a nap so we could pick up the donated ten gallons of coffee from Luck Brothers Coffee in Grandview. We headed out to New Albany and began to set up for the day. Lydia would follow an hour later to help the musicians get set up, and explain her own donation for the event (won by a member of Columbus' elite). Mary Miller sang in the morning, as riders began to pie in. On Friday we had sixty five people registered to 10a.m. there were well over two hundred! The exposure for all involved was awesome, and people bid well on the auction items. Lydia sang at 11 as the riders returned from the various ride routes, then hung out with her mom and Luka. The guys from the team were perfect, and had a fun hanging out and talking about the sponsor product. We even had a large number of people who are fans of the blog...and I never met them before! That was kinda fun...So, we bugged out by 2:30 to return all the coffee stuff and the Undone lingerie stuff. We met neighborhood Lydia fan Cindy for a late lunch at the Old Bag Of Nails (Lyd plays there next Saturday night!) before heading home. It was great to talk shop with Tookie, and Tookie was able to shed some wisdom on to Sean. Great event, and Amanda Reass did a GREAT job of organizing the whole event for the store. Thanks again to everyone who got involved at my request, and I hope it yields benefits down the line. A nice little side note...our team generated about 80% of the sponsors involved, and had the largest product donation by about 400%. Not bad for a bunch of dorks.....

Pix will get posted up on this page by Tuesday (Lyd left the cord at Kenda), so check back here for them then!

Thanks again everyone..

Cap'n Chris


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