Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tookie Takes The Win!


I have a short race report for you and I do have Hydropack shots coming.

This weekend I rolled into Elanor, WV for my last race of the season and possible on my 29er thanks to TOMAC......Only if I could get Joel to mistakenly make a carbon 29er, I would have his first born. Anyway the day was off to a great start with me blowing off studying for two exams for Monday, to go to this little town in the back woods of West Virginia, to race on this newly cut signal track course. The race was called creek to peak, but for all the West Coast Backboners this is nothing, you start the race at the creek and climb to the peak 7000ft. East Coast this means how many so called short peaks will you climb before you feel like you've reached the tallest peak at 2200ft. all compressed into 8 miles. After two laps of blasting through rock garden after rock garden (I sliced three Knobies of my Karma's.. first ever in a XC race) and pinch flat the last 200yards into the finish, I won.

talk later

GREAT JOB TOOKIE! Thanks for the race report, you really had a great season this year. Glad we met, you have been a great fit for the team and a great friend out here in the mid-east. Thanks for coming up Friday nightb and representing the team and her sponsors at the Cancer Ride/Auction this Saturday!


At 11:56 AM, Blogger taylor said...

Kick ass job Tookie!


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