Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Day In Photo Review

Today Lydia and I had to get to the Von Jazz lounge for a test-photo shoot for her upcoming UNDONE ad campaign..and to get pix for the posters to the upcoming show there. Here are some samples of what we got done! Ladies, the guy is drummer Bryan Davis who will be our man on percusion...James Keller, I will e-mail you some other pix later, because I know you will ask me for them anyway. Bastard. I apologize for my crappy pix, the Undone ad shots will be better. Oh..and all pix are courtesy of ME!

Yeah that's right, we are that strange.

Those are powerful licks on that guitar!

Lydia and drummer Bryan Davis

My apologies to pro photographers like Michael Darter. I will try to get better quickly.


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