Friday, October 17, 2008


Jeff "Tookie" Williams playing drums with neighborhood children's stuffed bunnies. Hey, at least it wasn't the children he was beating!

So it's Friday, and that makes me happy for NO good reason! I have to work a late shift, it's getting cold here, and I am ugly as all hell...but I'm still happy today. Maybe it's the pix Roger, Tookie and the Fuzz sent me of them wearing Hydrapaks for Matt P. Maybe it's the pix Roger sent me from the Cal State Final (Fall Classic), Brian head NMBS, and the first 'Cross race...and everyone's overall results this year. The cold weather makes me happy for sure, and I even spoke to old Cali friends Debbie Crawford and Troy Lawson today. I am taking out a group from TSC on Sunday for a foul-weather ride, which ALWAYS makes me happy....oh, and I am on crack. That should make me happy, right?
It makes Whitney Houston happy I think. So the team is doing well, and Lyd's music career is doing extraordinarily well (we leave for Atlanta next week!), and all is right with the world. Oh, and the crack...can't forget about the crack. I'll post the pix from Rog and The Fuzz from last weekend's race, and the results! Thanks to all who made the schlepp to Big Bear for the race!

Vegas Bob racing in Santa Barbara

Vanessa at Longo's post season racer party.

'Cross Vanessa

The FUZZ and Company.

Fuzzie's butt. Take it all in....

Pix of Vanessa racing the NMBS final in Brian Head, Utah on her bad-ass 22lb TOMAC CARBIDE! That bike is sick, and I certainly jealous of all of you who have them!

Super-V on the podium in Brain Head. Vanessa is one hell of a tough girl. Anyone who can beer-bong with Roger has to be!

Vanessa rockin' the 'Cross Cali, the season never ends...

THE GREATEST 'CROSS PEDALS EVER; XPEDO's MF-5 and MF-6. If you don't have them, you are already at a disadvantage.

Vanessa making the turn in Santa Barbara.

Thanks to Roger and Fuzz for pix this week, you guys saved the day for sure! I will hopefully have some from this Sunday, as I will be riding with Sean Cavaluchy..who will be whipping my collective ass at the boring and sleepy Alum Creek trail network.

Nearing the end of Phase 1, leaves burning in Fall colors.

HOLY CRAP! There are turtles in there! MMMM....turtles......

Phase 2 bridge options on a perfect C-Bus day.

VB took 9th in Big Bear, Vanessa brought home the SILVER, and Matt WON his race!

That puts Matt as the series winner, so HOLLA'!


At 7:31 AM, Blogger rushman said...

Absolutly Captn. don't forget the crack and could you send some this way the dealers keep getting busted so supply is low and cost is up it's a terrible thing.


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