Monday, October 13, 2008

Ryan Nolan Race Update

Hey Chris Gravity east didn't go as well as the diablo race last week. I had a terrible run right from the beginning and never recoverd. I think I got 18th out of 29 someone told me but I never looked I was very disappointed with the run. Aside from breaking a bone the run couldnt have been much worse it was soo sloppy. Following is my race reports though.
Diablo #5 The Finals-The weather was good on Saturday with tons of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s in the afternoon. The morning was cold however and lots of dew had settled on the course making some areas slippery in the morning. By the afternoon however the track conditions were great and the dew and grass sections had dried. The course consisted of a trail called tempest which is like a jump line and then it went into some tech rock gardens and off cambers, the end finished by going down the ski slope with a bunch of turns that was great because it followed my motto of I like to pedal to go fast but I don't like to pedal to go. If you coasted you went fast if you pedaled you went really fast. Good ending for a DH run because I am usually tired and pedaling having momentum is much better than pedaling a long flat finish. Ended up placing 7th just behind many of the top East Coast pros. Plattekill Gravity East Finals-Weather could not have been any better for this race with temperatures in the mid 70s during the day and getting cold at night but great sleeping weather. The course consisted of a very long basically flat start. You could pump your way through it but to go fast you had to pedal you ass off. Eventually it opened to some steep sections and it could have been great but there was not much design put into the course and the flow was just off. There was many flat turns that were off camber and in the places there were berms was only on fire roads nothing in the woods. This mountain is so steep I have not been able to figure out why they insist on putting so much flat in it and when it does get steep you are going down with hardly any turns. My race run went terrible with more mistakes then I can count. From what I remember I was off the bike 2 times from not being able to stop and going off course, I tagged at least 2 trees and jammed my front wheel between two trees and had to get it out which felt like it took 5 mins but in reality it was probably only 10 seconds. I ended up with a time of 3.01 which I believe was good for 18th place but I never actually looked at the results because I was very disappointed.


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