Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chuck-T Takes 4th!

Chuck-T's NEW DH Hammer, in production-run white.......

...and his old one, in R&D-no-serial-number BLACK.

Sticking a 50' drop-gap in Tahoe on his black Primer.

Pinning it to the podium in Santa Barbara

In Colorado doing something the engineers hadn't quite planned for when they made those wheels...

Chuck-T featured in this Amino Vital ad!

At the awards ceremony in Southridge last year.

In the bottom half at Fontucky..

A Darter-sponsored head shot from 2006.

In the rocks at Fontucky.

In his last race as a Semi-Pro, DH racer and all around nice guy Charles Taylor Libolt flung himself down the mountain in the gravity world's Fall Classic race in California. His TOMAC PRIMER DH bike slammed it's way down the mountainside, Marzocchi 888 fork smoking like a Thai prostitute after a visit from Gary Busey. His bike has been money so far this season, and now that Austin Benge is here, these two knuckle heads can band together with Jay Schippers and that other KENDA dirt-bag, James Schwanke for all the Tahoe stuff! Great way to end your 2008 season, "Tabasco!" Hope to see you all soon, have a great week!


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