Friday, November 21, 2008

Clavo Cellars Wines In Bellagio!

Julie and Neil have been Backbone team groupies for years, and Julie left Burbank in early '07 to head back up to Paso Robles. She and her main squeeze Neil have a vineyard management company and a newer wine label out that is turning heads. SO MUCH SO in fact, that Bellagio Casino (yeah, that's right, the place I built the fountains for) has purchased the Clavo Cellars Syrah to make available to their worldly and discerning customers. For those in California, you can purchase it and attend tastings....for us here in OH, we have to cry like punks until we fly back home to try it. Check the link to the right of this page and see when they are doing tastings! You may actually hear some of Lyd's music from overhead in their tasting room...I'm just sayin'....

Vegas Bob in the sand trap at the '06 Castaic Final, where Jules was waiting with a sandwich and the puppies!

Lyd getting her sun on in Julie's backyard in Burbank when we were out for Sea Otter

If you remember, Julie Kuhnle (former Disney Exec.) came to a few races to support over the years, like this 2006 Lake Castaic Final...she brought homemade snadwiches, remember?


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

That's awesome! Ask her if she knows Maynard from Tool, cuz he's got some vinyard and is makin wine up there, too.


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