Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NMBS Series Finally Dead?

Bert after the podium at the Santa Ynez NMBS this year. Photo by Darter!

Good inside sources (who will reamain nameless) tell me that the 2009 NMBS series, despite it's available calendar, is pretty much dead at this point. With nobody buying into the Sho-Air bail-out plan, and nobody else really having the cash to pour into it, it appears as though the series may finally be done. The current economic situation being what it is, that may work out at least for us. Nobody really has the cash anymore to support such a poorly attended series. To be able to stay in our respective regions will save THOUSANDS of dollars (seriously, Roger spent upwards of fifteen thousand this year? Who has that kind of dough NOW?).
Although three hundred thousand dollars is nothing to an organization like USA Cycling, they are still working on the actual payout of that amount to Sue Haywood as a result of the 2004 Olympic Bid fiasco played out in the film "Off Road To Athens." That money not being in the coffers was reason enough for many to believe that USA Cycling won't be ponying up any major assistance. People like Jeff Williams don't attend the NMBS series, instead choosing the endurance/24Hr circuit. The races are better attended and although $200 dollars an entry fee for his Pro status, they at least make you feel like you are getting something for your money.
So? We should know any day if a magic man on a white horse laden-heavy with gold bars rides in to save it, but for now I'd expect to adjust your vacation schedules to take an ACTUAl vacation in 2009. We should be able to get to the MSC and Cal State races within a days' drive, and even stay in friends' homes to save some cash.......I'll let you all know what I find out, when I find out, but that's all the gossip that's fit to print for now...

Jay and Chuck-T at the 2006 NMBS Fontucky DH race.

Jay on his way to an NMBS race in CO in 2007.

Vegas Bob on course in Brian Head, UT in 2005

Randy and Vanessa at the Scottsdale, AZ race in '07

Vanessa, Bert, Ryan and Brant at the Fontucky NMBS

Both Bri's on the box at the '05 Firestone National

Ryan feeding the Fuzz at Deer Valley, UT

Jim and Corty-40 at Angel Fire, NM


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