Monday, November 17, 2008

LED's And Your SIGMA Wireless Computer

Photo courtesy of Michael Darter Photography

Brian Orloff of SIGMA has informed me that for anyone who is making the jump (or has already done so) to LED night need to be aware of a couple things. First, that your wireles computer may not work. You see, the way LED light works is different from the way a halogen light works. With a halogen, the light bulb is on all the time when switched on. With an LED, the light actually "blinks" so fast that the eye can't detect it. That can creat a problem for wireles computers, since the nodes used in LED switching devices (the things that make them "blink") can interfere with the computers' signal. On SIGMA stuff, the wireless antenna is located on the left side. If your light is also located on that side of the bars, you may experience some issues with the computer head. By moving the light away from the computer's right side, you should be able to eliminate this problem.

I run the halogen SIGMA EVO and EVOX kit, so I don't have the interference issues.


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