Friday, December 05, 2008


The #1 Chachi, holding the TOMAC TYPE X at Sea Otter....

" Chachi" is a term I have learned while living here in C-Bus. My boy Gary "The Chin" Fowler first uttered it while describing the guy who owned the bike shop he worked for on Sawmill Boulevard. "Chachi" describes a guy who has a $10,000 dollar bike, a skin suit, and an aero-helmet...but just got passed by a Guatemalan farm worker on a Huffy full-suspension bike after a 12 hour day of picking produce in a hot and dusty San Joaquin Valley strawberry farm. The farm worker has been up since 4a.m, ate nothing, worked bent over with a dust mask on all day in herbicide, and then was riding the 42 miles back to his SECOND job as a cook at Denny's when he blew past the "Chachi" in question. I just don't know if the term "Chachi" stems from something Joni's boyfriend did on "Happy Days," or what? Anyhow, I love the term, and even the sound of calling someone a "Chach" (you know, for short) sounds derogatory...even if I have NO IDEA what it means or where it came from. Please work the term "Chachi" in as frequently as possible, I just want to hear Snoop Dogg say it as often as white kids say "Nizzle."


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Tookie said...

I know what your saying, but here we know them as the old school terms "POSER" or "PUNK ASS" some of us stop watching Happydays after the "FONZ" jumped the shark.


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