Monday, December 01, 2008

Voler/Velowear Seasonal Blowout Sale!

Vanessa in Utah with her '08 team kit and matching Voler arm warmers.

Tookie in his '08 kit at the 24hrs Of Burn, in NC

Jim Roff in Crested Butte in his '08 team DH jersey.

Jay Schippers in his Voler-made team dh jersey from '07

Bert in his National Champ designated 2006 team kit, in Scottsdale, AZ.

Voler's sister company is blowing out some SWEET clothing right now! Between their left over full custom team stuff and their stock and semi-custom items, you can get the wife or hubby to get you what you want for XMAS, instead of a toaster oven! The women's Malibu jersey is VERY inexpensive and very nice. The winter gloves are great, too. I have still wear my team-issue thermal vest from 2005, and LOVE IT.

My beloved 1st year team thermal vest in Mammoth for the '05 National Championships.


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