Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hey Chris,
Sorry about the delay in getting this to you, but Monday morning I came down with some flu like symptoms that knocked me out for about 48hrs. Anyway, the last race of the year is finally over; the 17th annual Southridge Challenge. The race had an excellent turnout, it was great to see all the usual people out for the Fall race, and even quite a few spectators on the course for the race action on Sunday. The weather really couldn't have been better, cool temps and no sign of the "Fontana wind tunnel" effect. I had some solid practice runs Saturday and Sunday, and an equally smooth race run. Despite not feeling like my fitness was all there and settling into my Fall weekend warrior routine, I still placed 4th in my last Semi-Pro race ever. My time was only about 3 seconds off the pace, so I guess my race run wasn't all that bad. Overall, it was a really fun weekend, and I'm looking forward to next season! HEY CHRIS..........

...... just a little something for the sponsors, I just found the overall results for the 2008 Southridge races... (this is cumulative of the entire season, winter and state combined) I pulled off a solid 2nd place overall for the year in Semi-Pro. Not a bad way to cap off the season!


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