Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jay And Jimbo Updates

Jay performing a rebound test on his front fork in Moab, UT.

Jim rocking a prototype KENDA DH frame in 2006 in Colorado.

Jim Roff has suffered some pretty severe injuries over the past few years of racing. The first one I can remember was at Smelly Bonelli, where he ate shit racing Super-D. He hit a rut and flew off the bike...palms first. He was wearing my helmet cam for that run, so we all got to see it first hand. His wrist made a sweet crunching sound as he hit the deck.

**Jim at the Chalk Creek Stampede in 2005.**
That wrist hasn't been 100% for about four years now. He's had some other bad crashes too. Broken bones, mangled name it. O.K., those two were nothing to do with racing, but injuries nonetheless. Jim has selflessly asked to reduce his team tire allotment as a result of what will be an abbreviated season at best for 2009. I still love Jimbo to death (and my secret love monkey, Rhoda), and regret that he will have to deal with the likes of the drunken and lecherous Quarty-40, who will be moving to EXPERT XC by the end of the year!

**Jimbabwe in the snow in Colorado.**

Jason Schippers will also be on the down low this season. Jay has a ton of bike industry obligations. As the product developer for Sunline, he is always gone to Taiwan. He also has a new squeeze that no doubt will remove him from interacting with his friends and teammates for at LEAST the first year.

**Jay at the VSG booth at Interbike in 2007.**
Isn't that always how it goes? Anyhow, Jay has a lot of industry insider deals he has to live up to, and that being the case he may not be as visible as he has been in the past. Life can get in the way of fun sometimes, unless you are a strip-club reviewer, then it all works out..but I don't have that job, and neither do Jay or Jim.

**Now, would that be considered "Dick In A Box?"***

We will still support and look forward to hearing form the boys when they DO get to race and ride, but just be advised that they may be under the radar for a little while this year..

**Jim Roff's TOMAC stable includes this amazing SNYPER!**


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