Monday, January 26, 2009

Trevor's Podium DH Race Report

photo from Trevor..

Ahhhhhhh......theres nothing quite like racing in Fontana with some clean air. After the clouds disappeared and reappeared with some heavy mist, the dirt was to be found.....somewhat.... TACKY on practice day. Thats right I said it....the DIRT AT FONTANA WAS ACTUALLY TACKY. Come race day though after a few hours of sunlight, dry air and a few dozen riders later the dirt returned to its normal dry sandy state. As I started to put my race run together I started to question how fast I could take the turns now, due to the track drying out so dramatically. Even though the track lacked some flow in certain spots, I tried my best to be smooth. In the end I put together a decent run and ended up 4th out of 22.

p.s. chris sorry for not repping the jersey on the podium.

**Great job Trevor! As long as you understand that no sponsors will give you anything for free without a jersey shot on the podium, it doesn't matter to me!***


At 5:43 PM, Blogger taylor said...

Nice rooster tail, you look pinned!


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