Monday, February 09, 2009

Trevor's Race Report

Hey Chris! It's me just dropping in, letting you know how things went this weekend. The course this weekend was a deffinate top favorite for me. The coarse was flowy, highspeed, rocky, and pretty wet. As I started my race run I felt really good, hitting all my lines beautifully and at a very decent race speed. Once I got to the highspeed section I just tryed to pin it......and it ended up working. I could feel my tires sliding and drifting all over in the mud, but I still retained control. As I neared the wall I was a second behind the kid in front of me, which reasured me that I was on a very fast pace. In the end my run was good and fast and I ended up in FIRST PLACE!!!

****I jut saw that RANDY took SECOND in his DH race!*****


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