Thursday, March 05, 2009

Clavo Cellars At The Tour Of Cali

Our good friend and Backbone team follower Julie Kuhnle from Clavo Cellars Winery in Paso sent in this report and photos! The tour went right past their vineyards, so they shut down for the day to watch the tour whiz by..

Holy Fijole! Is that Abel Vaca leading the peloton? Nope, that's one of the workers at Clavo Cellars pacing out Lance.

Hi Chris, Lydia and all Backboners -
Here's how lame I am...I'm trying to remember your email account and can't. So I long into your racing team site and check out your wedding site---very cute by the way! I talked to Chris awhile ago about the photos, and as soon as I get the OK from the photographer to do what I want with the photos, I can't find the disk???? I'm suspecting that I'm losing my mind because I just had the disk the day before. Turns out Neil took the disk to view the photos and never put it back ... he makes me crazy. Long story, here are the photos--sorry for the delay. Best of luck on the upcoming wedding!

Chalk on highway - they handed out chalk for people to write on the road

Take Care,
Clavo Cellars
315 S. Main Street
Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 226-0174


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