Sunday, July 05, 2009

Randy's First Ride On The Snyper


How you doin' dude? Hopefully not too hungover from the festivities of last night! I just wanted to send you a little note on my first ride on the Snyper. It got delivered on Thursday so I took it home put 'er together and waited for Friday. Kim unfortunately had to work on Friday so it left me the day to go try out the new ride. I drove up to the Laguna Mountains hoping to hook up with someone to ride with, because Iv'e never ridden there by myself. The only time was the Camp and Ride a couple years ago. Well that did'nt work out so I went down to ride Indian creek trail once again.

**Near the top of Indian Creek Trail.**

I had forgotten just how tough this ride was and how long it takes! Oh well, I just wanted to ride the bike so I went for it. As I got towards the top of the dirt road, I could not remember how to get to Indian Creek Trail (as you know because I kept calling you). I ran into a guy out running and told me how to get to it, so on with the ride! I get to the trail head and roll and not a hundred yards in I fall over on a tricky section because I had my AWESOME Xpedo platform pedals a little too tight and could'nt unclip. It was cool, but I guess I should have known what was to come. At the top of the first long rocky climb where there's a fork, I could not remember which way to go. I soon figured it out and let the fun begin! This bike is so fun on the downhills it's sick.

Now I have not seen another bike, person or anything for an hour or so but who cares? This is rad. I carry on and soon get down to the wooded area in the BOTTOM of the canyon and I'm having a blast.. and then WHAM! Through a rocky section my front wheel meets a rock and decides to stop. Over the bars I went with barely enough time to get my hands out in front of me to stop before smashing my face into the ground. So I think "shit that sucks" but hell I'm ok and get up, grab my bike and F**K !! There's my rear derailleur hanging of the bike. It just so happens that the derailleur landed just perfect on a rock and snap. Now this was about a quarter mile or so from where you took a picture of King James

**King James on his Zenn 29er Trailbike on Noble Canyon Trail a few years back.** jumping off a rock when we all rode there last.. which I think is about 4 to 6 miles from the end so a walking I will go.

**Not where one wants to get injured, 15 miles up a mountain side.**

It took me about an hour and fifty five minutes to walk out and I had'nt seen another soul for about three and a half hours now. I start freaking myself out saying "you know Randy there's bears and mnt. lions out here." Come to think of it well I really don't know about bears... anyway I got back to my truck about 4.5 hours after I started but It was fun and that bike is the F***in' shit dude.

Joel at Tomac built a great trail bike with this one dude.

So that's all Captn. except were do I get a couple derailleur hangers for this thing ASAP let me know man.


**I'll call Joel tomorrow man...and next time, hire a guide, would ya?**


At 7:59 AM, Blogger rushman said...

What fun would that be ?

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Oh man, Randy needs to learn how to do an in-field single-speed conversion!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger rushman said...

I know now because you filled me in on it the other day.


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