Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hydrapak At ODD.

**Hydrapak's Matt Patterson will be on hand at the team booth!**

**The Fuzz at Sea Otter with his Hydrapak**

Matt Patterson and Hydrapak will be hanging out at ODD in the TOMAC booth with us, handing out some of the new reservoirs and bite valves for their sweet packs! If you don't have one yet (who doesn't, but just in case) be sure to pick one up before you get to Vegas..or at the very least grab one at the show! We all use ours regularly, and they have a been a major component in the results of the Backboners, especially at the endurance races!

Amino Vital will also have some cold Endurance samples there, so stop by for some SWEET bikes, Hydrapaks, and Amino Endurance. We'll also have some Voler Team Apparel to check out

**Ed Fonda holding up the team kit at the '07 Interbike show.**

...and probably KFC and some beers too. I'm just sayin'.

**The Amino girls, like Lil' Lydia Johnson(center), are always nice to see at trade shows.**

Thanks to Joel and crew at TOMAC BIKES for the ODD booth! I will certainly try to keep the ratio of strippers to cyclists to a maximum for the two days in the desert..


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