Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interbike ODD, Monday.

The view at sunset from our room.

The new 6" travel Tomac Vanish.

The stonger, redesigned rear-end.

Last year, we were told NO 29ers, and NO singlespeeds (we asked). Here is a 29er singlespeed. Thanks.

Kenda prototypes were everywhere, and were mostly "Legends" series redesigns.

The 2.5 lb TOMAC TYPE X hardtail frame flapping in the breeze.

Douche Nozzle with a cel phone. Probably ordering chili dogs.

Brian from SIGMA SPORT downloading data into Bob's new ROX 9.0 at the team/Tomac booth.

Hydrapak reps showing the new pak, and handing out free reservoirs!

Lydia getting nekked to try on the new VOLER team issue shorts.

Lydia's ass in the new shorts from VOLER.

All done! Peep show's over, go home.

The ROX 8.0 from SIGMA on Randy's Tomac Snyper.

Sigma was in the booth all day to talk about the new hardware!

SOCK GUY graced my feet with the very fisrt pair of "Save Missy (Giove)" socks, complete with pot plant design. F*****g hilarious. Rumor has it that she made bail and fled to Canada.

Matt from Hydrapak rolled out all the sick new hydration packs for 2010! KILLER to have them in the booth.

The elusive and bushy-haired Austin Benge in the house with his Super-Snyper 6" mod bike.

Ken from XPEDO stopped by to put fresh kicks on the team bikes!

Vanessa showing you why we are the most popular riders at the trailer park.

That's right..we get customized computers. That's the ROX baby!

Austin's 6" Super-Snyper!

Charles' 4" travel Slalom-Snyper!

Randy's outta-the box 5" travel Standard Snyper.

Inside Cycling TV stopped by and interviewed Bob..


...and Vanessa about their bikes!

Drunk. By 2p.m. On a Monday. I love mountain bikers.

Vegas Bob's truck, settled into the parking lot after a long day at work.


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

Tomac Vanish - ooh, haa. What is it's intended terrain. Washed up, slow DH'er turned crit racer turned couch potato is curious. Looked like it was a blast. Bet you need a week to recover.


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