Monday, September 28, 2009

Interbike ODD Tuesday; Death By Beer Pong.

Tuesday started out like any shoots, interviews..y'know, the usual. It would quickly devolve into something much more sinister. Beer Pong.

Randy, Vegas Bob and Austin showing off their rigs.

John Tomac, Joel Smith and I talking shop about the bikes. It was great for us to have our own booth, thanks to TOMAC!

Cheyne, Randy and I trying to decide if we should have a beer at 9:30 am or not.

The best GIFT EVER. "Save Missy (Giove)" socks from Sock Guy. Tasteless? Yes. Do I LOVE THEM? Absolutely!

The elusive and amazing Hydrapak Gel-Bot! Get your water and gel from the same source!

The Hydrapak Laguna. get one NOW! The 2010 packs are sweet, and I brought one home.

Roger en route to Ken from Xpedo with fanny-water. MMmmmm..fanny-water.

We had icey cold Amino Vital on tap for the thirsty masses! That tub was VERY nice to have on the 95 degree days.

Vanessa posing for the camera. The night would unravel after this point.

This is my wife. She is now performing the nocturnal mating ritual of the completely obliterated upright biped.

This is Cheyne NOT trying to look like he's into guys. It' not working.

Vanessa is already bombed in this photo, but that won't ever stop our competitive little lady! Did I say "lady?" Sorry..


I'm guessing you don't wanna f**k with that at all..

Why did they have to go and make Mike's Hard Lemonade even HARDER?

Done and done.

Randy letting his ball go during beer pong.

"How does a one-armed man count change?" FUNNIEST JOKE EVER!

While we look happy now, Lydia would be sick until Thursday from the hangover created Tuesday. Nice.


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